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Any couple having difficulty getting pregnant, undergoing IVF or wanting their baby to be as healthy as possible should both be maximising their reproductive health. At Heidelberg Chinese Medicine we really enjoy working with you to achieve this, recognising that the diagnosed problem, if there is one, is only part of the picture and that reducing stress and increasing energy and general wellbeing are fundamental to a healthy pregnancy.

There is much we can do for you after conception however the most important work for a healthy pregnancy is done before you conceive. Your health and wellbeing at the start of your pregnancy will have a huge effect on not just the health of your baby but also your ability to cope with the demands of this very impressive feat.

We also understand how emotional and stressful issues with fertility can be, the monthly disappointment, wondering when, if ever, you’ll hold your child, seeing babies everywhere you look and often the pressure from friends, family and partners. This stress is often a major reason for difficulty conceiving in otherwise healthy people, for this reason almost every treatment you receive at Heidelberg Chinese Medicine will help you relax.

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