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From the moment of conception your body undergoes enormous changes to allow it to grow, carry, birth and nurse a healthy baby. These changes put huge demands on your body. Using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines we can help support you through this amazing process.

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Kids respond really well to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Treating children for many of the commonly encountered childhood issues I have seen wonderful, drug free, results.

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Having a child is perhaps the biggest decision anyone can make, and a healthy baby is the goal. We will work with you, whatever your circumstance, to ensure as happy and healthy start to life for your little one as possible.

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We live in a modern 24/7 society, awash in information and stimulation with so many things to do, see and be. It’s no surprise stress is one of the major focusses of our work at Heidelberg Chinese Medicine.

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Low on energy, not feeling quite right, can’t get enough sleep, aches and pains, digestion not comfortable? There are many reasons to come in and get some help to feel better and stay better, to get the most out of life and not just get by.

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Heidelberg Chinese Medicine offers acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical treatment in a professional manner and relaxing environment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) incorporates the use of acupuncture, massage, cupping, herbs, moxibustion, exercise and dietary advice to promote the healing of disease and alleviation of pain.

The treatment brings the patient into balance within themselves and harmony with their environment to enable the living of a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

Located a short downhill walk from the Austin and Mercy hospitals Heidelberg Chinese Medicine is the perfect place to find the natural healthcare support we all need to make the most of our lives.

Contact us today to enquire further or to book an appointment and discuss a health plan.

How We Treat

The focus at Heidelberg Chinese Medicine is on getting the maximum benefit with the minimum input. Our aim is to fix what you want fixed, and give you the means of keeping it that way. To do this we use the flexible and time tested healing techniques of Chinese medicine.

A typical appointment will entail:

Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis that includes questioning, a medical history, tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Massage and maybe cupping to clear superficial stress and tension, and to begin to get your qi moving.

Acupuncture, the insertion of very fine stainless steel needles at specific points to stimulate and correct the flow of qi in your body, re-establishing healthy balance.

Prescription of herbal formulas. Individualised combinations of herbal medicines to continue the momentum of the treatment. When we prescribe herbs we use the safest and most sustainable available, your health is our main priority and a healthy planet is part of that.

Homework, usually in the form of advice on lifestyle, diet and exercises to help you take control of your health.

We may also refer you another health professional. If we believe that working with someone in our wide network of health professionals can help you reach your goals faster or more fully then we will most certainly let you know about them.

What We Treat

When life gets rough; ENERGY is LOW, STRESS is HIGH, SLEEP is POOR, and getting through the day feels impossible; a few treatments at Heidelberg Chinese Medicine will smooth you out again.

At times of major life changes, such as PREGNANCY, CHILDHOOD and MENOPAUSE, Heidelberg Chinese Medicine can provide support to make the journey as healthy and fulfilling as possible.

PAIN relief is one of the great strengths of acupuncture.

Headache, Neck pain, acute and chronic back pain, osteoarthritis, and various forms of cancer related and post-operative pain all respond rapidly to the massage, acupuncture and herbal solutions we provide.

CHRONIC problems can respond well to our treatments whether they be recurrent, some days there and others not, constantly part of your life or even just that sense of not feeling quite right.


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Our Practitioners

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Contact us today to enquire further or to book an appointment and discuss a health plan!