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Matt Power

I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine registered in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine with both Australian clinical and Chinese hospital experience.

When I discovered and began learning Chinese Medicine in the early 90’s it was the seemingly incredible results and how apparently simply they were produced that blew me away. Ever since then I have trained, read, had wonderful mentors and honed my craft continually, working to be as good a practitioner as I can. In the clinic I work with the client, helping determine their heath goals and finding the best way to achieve them. Life is experienced, and your health is not an x-ray or diagnosis, my work focus is to help you enjoy your life more fully.

As a father of three I enjoy relating to and treating children. It is my belief that a healthy conception and childhood will pave the way for a healthy life and that often simple treatments or lifestyle changes can have far reaching benefits. Helping couples improve their reproductive health before conceiving a child is the first way to improve the health outlook for the child and is another focus of my work.

My motivation is to help people achieve their health goals, be it having a natural birth, going a week without a headache, a spring without a runny nose or a Christmas dinner without heart burn. I am happy to assist with any problem, no matter how trivial or insurmountable it may seem. It is my genuine belief that everyone can benefit from Chinese Medicine and that it is an essential part of self-care and a means to a well lived life.

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