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During pregnancy acupuncture treats: morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and insomnia, reduces labour pain, eases back, sciatic and pelvic pain, turns breech babies, helps to induce labour and is a safe, effective and drug free method.

From the moment of conception your body undergoes enormous changes to allow it to grow, carry, birth and nurse a healthy baby. These changes put huge demands on your body. Using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines we can help support you through this amazing process.

First Trimester:

Morning sickness may kick in as hormones flush through your body redirecting blood flow to the embryo and stopping your normal period. Many women are lucky and experience no symptoms while for others morning sickness can range from mild ongoing nausea to a daily battle to ingest enough food and drink to stay out of hospital.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can work wonders, quickly alleviating mild symptoms and helping more serious sufferers get enough respite for some food and drink. Miscarriage in the first trimester is often the inevitable result of a non-viable pregnancy. However miscarriage may be threatened when the mothers’, (or fathers’- see fertility section), physiological strength is struggling to cope with the demands of pregnancy. Support at this stage can be vital, particularly if you had difficulty conceiving or have a history of miscarriage.

Second Trimester:

Heartburn and constipation can become problems as the digestive system, while usually past the nausea of morning sickness, is still not functioning properly. Some acupuncture, herbal formulas and dietary advice can be really useful here.

Sciatica and backache often become an understandable problem late in the second trimester as your belly grows and your centre of gravity is pushed forward of its normal position. Acupuncture in particular is great for alleviating the pain.

Third Trimester:

At around 33weeks your baby is ideally positioned head down, if not it’s in breech position. While most babies will eventually move themselves into a head down presentation, a breech presentation is a major reason for the recommendation of caesarean section. A neat technique using moxibustion at this stage can turn the baby, and has been recommended in New Zealand Evidence based Best Practice guidelines.

Oedema and joint pain often generate toward the end of the pregnancy by the extra blood being produced and the demands on your fluid metabolism become almost overwhelming. By reducing this puffiness acupuncture can make the last weeks of your pregnancy a much more comfortable experience.


Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are great for improving the efficiency of labour, making it shorter and less painful, (not easy but easier). A weekly treatment for the final three weeks of your pregnancy is what we like to recommend focussing on reducing stress, helping the baby into position and to help ripen the cervix and prepare the mother for the birth.

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