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Sea Young (Chloe)

Sea Young (Chloe) is a registered acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist.

Our patients describe her as efficient and compassionate, and it is through her treatment and advice that you will undergo a safe, relaxing, and an effective experience at our clinic. Sea Young utilizes a wide combination of skills including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, moxibustion, and diet therapy to assist you in your health concerns.

As a Chinese medicine practitioner, Sea young’s intention is to isolate the causes of your body’s imbalance via delicate and subtle diagnosis techniques of pulse and tongue reading. Her goal is to provide a holistic approach so that you always leave our clinic feeling satisfied with your progress. It is through her kind and patient nature that she will assist you to further your understanding on methods to improve your health, balance and vitality. As a patient-practitioner relationship, Heidelberg Chinese Medicine Clinics’ ultimate goal is to provide a warm environment whilst we work to harmonize your body.

Whilst Sea Young has vast experience in treating a variety conditions, her special interest lies in women’s health.

Furthermore, as the mother of a daughter who has suffered from a variety of skin conditions, her interest in skin has increased over the years. Through her gentle approach, Sea Young has assisted many children and young adults in overcoming what can be irritating and embarrassing issues.

Sea Young is a patient, warm, and energetic practitioner. Whilst it is her experience and credentials that will have you experiencing her treatment for the first time, it will be her welcoming nature and her passion for Chinese Medicine that will have you coming back.

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